Lightweight Fly Rod Cases for

  • Backpacking
  • Bicycle Touring
  • Pack Trips
  • Fly-ins

What are Fly-Lite Fly Rod Cases?

When every ounce counts, Fly-Lite Fly Rod Cases can help you pack in more fly fishing gear while protecting your valuable fly fishing rods. Developed after years of backpacking experience, Fly-Lite Fly Rod Cases are much more affordable than carbon-fiber cases, lighter than cloth-covered cases, half the weight of aluminum fly rod cases, and won't dent!

Fly-Lite Fly Rod Cases are available in 4 standard sizes to fit the most common fly rods carried in the backcountry and custom lengths can be ordered.

Why Fly-Lite?

  • rugged case

    2” OD PVC tubing, with foam cushioning at cap and rod case ends to protect your fly rods

  • easy to use in the field

    push-on & twist-off cap; textured coating makes it easy with wet hands

  • lightweight

    case can hold 2 fly rods, so you carry less weight

  • cap attached by lanyard

    the cap's reflective lanyard ensures it won't get lost, even in the dark!

  • floating case

    the cap helps the case float

  • personalized cap

    write the weight & length of your fly rod on the cap (next to the printed W & L)

  • made in the USA

    hand-made by a disabled United States veteran

Fly-Lite fly rod case

Fly-Lite Specifications

Please measure your longest rod section before ordering.

Case lengths are based on 4-piece rods.

case length rod length weight
23” 6’6” to 7’ 7.8 oz / 220 g buy
26” 7’6” to 8’ 8.9 oz / 250 g buy
29” 8’6” to 9’ 9.9 oz / 280 g buy
32” 9’6” to 10’ 11 oz / 310 g buy
up to 59” email for details buy

To place a custom order, email

Ready to go fishing

The Fine Print

  • Do not store Fly-lite Fly Rod Cases in hot locations such as near fires or heaters, in the back windows or trunks of vehicles as warping or melting may occur — the cases are made of plastic. Besides, high temperatures are bad for your rod!
  • Avoid contact with solvents, gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, oils, etc. — the case and/or coating may dissolve.
  • Do not use for other than the intended purpose: to hold fly rods (most spinning rods won’t fit).
  • To prevent mold or mildew if contact with water occurs, dry completely before storing a rod inside the case.
  • This product cannot prevent damage to your fly rod when subjected to extreme physical abuse, fire, tornados, or when used as a hammer, baseball bat or wheel chock, to lift up your truck or to defend yourself from bears, elk, deer, boar, wolves, raccoons, your brother, etc.
  • Notice: You are buying a plastic fly rod case! Purchaser assumes all risk for any loss. Replacement Caps and Lanyards available.

Please Enjoy Fishing, then Release your Catch (except where prohibited!)

Who makes Fly-Lite?

Fly-Lite owner Dennis is a retired manufacturing engineer. Dennis builds every Fly-Lite Fly Rod Case by hand in a small shop in Santa Cruz, CA.

Dennis has been fishing and backpacking since his father took him out into the wilderness at the age of 7. After taking up fly fishing in 2010, he found that there were no affordable lightweight fly rod cases available anywhere. He found some ideas on the web, developed, prototyped and refined Fly-Lite Fly Rod Cases and then tested them over hundreds of trail miles.

Dennis is a disabled Vietnam-era veteran who goes fishing whenever he can. He builds custom fly rods and ties most of his own flies. He sometimes goes fishing and backpacking with his 2 sons. He still carries his 1960’s vintage Antelope Camping Equipment backpack, but most of the gear in it is much lighter these days.

Dennis is a long-time activist for the environment and fisheries.